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Published on November 26, 2004 By Genghis Hank In Blogging
Hey everyone! I have a question.

Is it acceptable to reply to a comment made on someone elses blog with an comment and a link to an article of your own, or is it hijacking and bad form?

Thanks for your replies.

on Nov 26, 2004
Thanks LW. It actually was one of your articles that I had in mind, and it is a prior article of mine that I wanted to reference.
on Nov 26, 2004
I think little whip gave you some pretty solid advice. I don't think I have anything to add to (or subtract from!) that.
on Nov 26, 2004
I'm thinking that, while what LW said was valid, you should be careful to not hijack the thread by posting too long a response, especially if it pertains to a tangential comment made by another poster. If you really wish to address a comment more fully, I would think a link to an article of yours is best. Personally, I would still try and address the original article when I did this, and add further to the discussion in the thread already started.
on Nov 27, 2004
Thanks for your insights, pseudosoldier. I think in this instance that I followed these suggestions, but I guess that is for the individual reader to decide.